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Tribology and Surface Engineering
IIT Tirupati (TSET)

The Tribology and Surface Engineering Group at IIT Tirupati (TSET) is the new emerging tribology research group in India today. Its research is strongly supported by industries and it collaborates with many universities across the globe.

Tribology is the science and technology of interacting surfaces in relative motion. This includes study of friction, lubrication, contact mechanics, surface damage processes and surface optimisation. It is highly multidisciplinary and spans applications ranging from metal forming to replacement hip joints. A particular area of current concern is the reduction of friction in order to increase the efficiency of machines and thereby reduce global energy use.

Research areas of particular interest include lubricant chemistry and rheology, hydrodynamic, elastohydrodynamic and boundary lubrication, contact mechanics, surface coatings, biotribology, wear and surface fatigue.

The group has an outstanding history of experimental tribology research and focusing on tribological issues of fouling, friction and corrosion, and the use of advanced techniques to understand biotribological performance at the interface of artificial material. We develop novel self-repairing, adaptive, regenerative multifunctional surfaces for smart applications.

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