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Mind Your Engineered Metal


AM2T mission is to be part of a circular economy. Together with fellow thinkers and activists, group is on the forefront of rethinking design, manufacturing practices and education in order to restore the earth as we produce more and more products that use finite natural resources.

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Circular Economy

Sustainability is ensuring that generations to come have the same privileges that we do. 
If you really want to make an impact in materials and manufacturing you need to focus on reducing waste and designing/manufacturing for disassembly, recovery and reuse. 
The solution requires three things: 

  1. Education

  2. Innovation

  3. Policy​


Metal Processing

The Metal Processing Group at Indian Institute of Technology Tirupati India is dedicated to advancing the field of materials science through innovation in metal casting, metal forming, heat treating, recovery, recycling and remanufacturing.



"How do we create value out of waste?  Metals are not renewable; however, they certainly are recoverable, reusable and recyclable. Most products made and consumed today are hybrid monsters that cannot be disassembled, easy fixed, easily recycled. Whose responsibility is it to put the finite elements we are using in products back where we found them?"

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Industry 4.2

There are nine technologies reshaping manufacturing and production today. You can read about them by exploring the concept button below. We propose to respond to our new industrial reality with a multi-tiered paradigm for engineering education that will help the industrial sector secure talent while meeting the sustainability needs of our future. Read

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The Advanced Metal Casting Research Center is industry-institute consortia dedicated to collaborative research in metal processing and manufacturing. Our focus is metal casting and digital manufacturing. We bring fundamental understanding to existing processes, develop new methods, new alloys, and address management-technology interface issues with our industrial partners. AMCRC serves the global foundry industry as its educational and research home.


Center for Heat Treatment

Dedicated to alloy life improvements, austenitizing, carbonitriding, carburizing, induction tempering, gas quenching, solutionizing, Heat treatment of additively manufactured parts

and more.


Center for Materials Processing Data

Generating and managing in-process, transient materials property data used in process modeling and simulation. Access to high-quality, precompetitive data at substantially lower costs.


Center of Recovery, Recycling and Re-manufacturing

The Center for Recovery, Recycling and Re-manufacturing (CR3) is committed to being the premier cooperative research centre focused on sustainable stewardship of the earth’s resources.

Our focus is on helping industry address a pivotal societal need – the need to create a sustainable future. At CR3 you will advance technologies that recover, recycle and reuse materials throughout the manufacturing process. These advancements will help your business reduce energy costs and increase profitability, while protecting our natural resources.

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