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AM2T Lab is located in IIT Tirupati and is presently expanding facility to house additional machining and fabrication capabilities. Our technicians and engineers have access to a variety of machinery and complex systems that ultimately allow them to contribute their best work. As we grow and expand, our machining and fabrication capabilities continue to evolve. We support a wide array of disciplines by offering material solutions through technological advancement. 

Onsite between our current locations, we have the following capabilities: ​

  • Fabrication:

    • Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing System (Fronius CMT 4000 Advanced w/ ABB robotics w/ FLIR A615 thermal camera also known as a robotic welder) can be used to additively manufacture metals such as Ti, steels, and aluminum

    • Stir Casting, Pressure Infiltration, Squeeze Casting and Vacuum Die Casting, Induction Melting System

    • Twin Rolling Vacuum Arc Melting System 

    • Compression Molding 

    • Coming Soon: Friction Stir Additive Manufacturing system 

  • Characterization:

    • Complete Metallographic Evaluation Suite

    • Portable XRD for Residual Stress Measurement

    • Creep-Fatigue 100kN Testing Equipment

    • Instrumented Micro Indentation Vickers hardness testing

    • Universal Tribometer

  • Software:

    • Dynamic Group of Software Engineers

    • SolidWorks

    • ANSYS

    • COMSOL

    • Solid Cast

    • Origin

  • Processing (All Metal and Powder Operations): 

    • Heat Treatment​

    • Planetary Ball Mill

Our Services

  • Targeted materials developed and scaled for your application

  • Materials analysis and characterization 

  • External program management to meet timelines and deliverables 

  • Metal Casting and Metal Forming

  • Wire arc additive manufacturing development and optimization 

  • Traceability/testing  

  • Creative mechanical design solutions   

  • Development of custom, safe, certified powder handling solutions 

  • Consulting 

  • Training and Skill Internship

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