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Advanced Metal Forming Research Center


Advanced Metal Forming Research Center

The Advanced Metal Forming Research Center is industry-institute consortia dedicated to collaborative research in metal processing and manufacturing. Our focus is metal forming and digital manufacturing. We bring fundamental understanding to existing processes, develop new methods, new alloys, and address management-technology interface issues with our industrial partners. AMFRC serves the global foundry industry as its educational and research home.

amfrc IITT

Research Projects

  • Forging of Ti alloys

  • Friction Stir Processing


In the field of material science, it’s important to find the right people for future industry advancement. This is where AMFRC can help. 

We combine the proven theory and practice philosophy of giving students hands-on application experience in the material science industry. The overall goal is for industry and institute researchers to work together to solve business challenges and improve manufacturing processes. Research is a significant part of this mission and getting students involved in the projects and training them to be future engineering professionals is a big part of the value that AMFRC brings to industry members.

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